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Phil Rogers heaps another shovel of coal on top of Dusty Baker today, clearly refuting Baker's claim that a healthy DLee would "make up 10, 12, 15 games by himself."

Rogers calls upon the services of Rob Neyer and Will Carroll to shoot down Baker's theory. Carroll said "That's impossible" and Rob Neyer called it "absurd".

Of course, knowing that Baker is a manager who cares not about OBP and thinks walks clog up the bases, it should hardly come as a surprise that he thinks one player is worth that much. Snobs vs. Slobs details precisely why Baker is conceptually challenged in an article called "Dusty Baker has seen the world from outer space, and it is definitely flat". I wish Baker would read it.

The Rogers article is worth reading as it gets into Win Shares and VORP, Value Over Replacement Player. And Rogers has his own take on it as well, mentioning how many at-bats Baker wasted on Neifi Perez and the like.

Meanwhile, Baker refuses to get it. He had Freddie Bynum play 2nd base last night and Theriot at SS. Cedeno pinch-hit. Why the lineup card is not stenciled with Cedeno, Murton and Theriot for the remainder of the season is anyone's guess.

And on top of all of this the Cubs can add closer to the list of needs for next year. Dempster has been brutal and took the loss last night. He blew his 7th save opportunity last night, after blowing it Saturday against STL. He's always walked too many batters and this year is no exception. A closer simply can't do that. At this rate maybe they can make him a starter again. I'd rather see Howry close games next year.
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