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According to Cris Collinsworth and his column at, "The Bears, like the Jaguars, are in the enviable position of having two proven starting quarterbacks."

Rex Grossman has started all of 8 games in 3 years, and 1 playoff game last year. He's thrown for all of 4 TDs in those games, countered by 6 picks. He was 17-41 against Carolina in the playoffs.

I like Rex Grossman. I think he can be a good NFL QB. But the only thing he's proven is that he can get hurt on a regular basis and he's an awesome practice player.

I give Grossman 3 games this year before Griese takes over. If he can't put up some numbers in the first 3 games--all against seemingly weak division foes--then Griese gets the call against Seattle on Sunday night, October 1, in a nationally televised game.

Griese has his limitations, but also a solid set of NFL skills. You know what you will get with him. More TDs than picks, a good completion percentage and that intangible veteran know-how. He's hardly going to throw into double and triple coverage like Grossman has this preseason.

Does Grossman have greatness in his future? Perhaps. But if it isn't shown soon, it can wait yet another year.

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Gordon Cloud said...

The Bears also have an able stable (sounds catchy doesn't it?) of running backs.

As good as Cedric Benson was in college, it's going to be tough to bench Thomas Jones.

PV said...

You forgot Orton, who's also proven -

proven to be drinky, shaggy, and sucky.