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At this point, dissecting everything that's said from the Cubs isn't all that worthwhile. It's too easy to call them on their statements, although a part of me asks what is it they are really supposed to say.

But it seems more and more that Jim Hendry is resigned to firing Dusty Baker and make wholesale changes to the club.

"I'm evaluating everything," Hendry said. "When you're having this kind of a year … I'm evaluating all situations. When you're 20-plus games below .500 … we certainly want to give us a chance to see if we can make a run here before the break, see if we can do well the rest of the week. I'll spend a lot of time over the break [evaluating], not just the way the [coaching] situation is, but also with your own players.

"You're getting ready to go into a month where you have to evaluate what you have and who you for sure think is going to get better and you want to keep, and in some other cases, maybe move some guys. You want to give everyone a fair chance to succeed."

My read into that is quit farting around with Neifi Perez and Phil Nevin and play Cedeno and Murton full-time, all the time. Cedeno is playing a lot and should return to start at SS next year, and Murton needs more PT to see if he actually is a starter in this league. Either way, they are both rookies and during these types of seasons the only thing that can be garnered is experience for your younger players.

The Trib reports that the Cubs are 17-45 since the end of April after starting 13-8.

Along with the dismissal of Baker, it would be wise to ship out players for prospects as the farm system has once again dried up. Maddux and Walker head the list as they are free agents to be, but I can also see the case for trading Pierre, Ramirez, Howry, Dempster, Jones and anyone else not named Lee, Barrett or Zambrano.


Tom Marker said...

How long would you give Murton, the whole season? I still think a platoon system is worth trying.

The Zoner said...

A platoon with who?

Mike O'Donnell said...

Let's get a move on already, Hendry. You are about 4 weeks behind everyone else. This should have been done at the beginning of June.

Zoner-thanks for including your library selections. It's good to know we are reading more than just the same news about the Flubs. I need to get back into Mockingbird. I just found out that I am going to be teaching some Freshman English in addition to what I already teach, and that is part of the cirriculum. Any notes you have, feel free to share.

Waiting for the 31st...