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Exit Tyson Chandler. He was traded today for PJ Brown. Enter Brown, Ben Wallace, Tyrus Thomas and Thabo Sefolosha. I'm all giddy over here--I wanted the Bulls to draft Thomas and I wanted them to sign Wallace. The Bulls have put themselves
in a position to get a player like this. Sure, when all is said and
done they will have likely overpaid for Big Ben. But the contract is frontloaded
and Wallace is a menace. The change of scenery should give him a boost

As for the Heat, I'm already doubting they can do it
again. Shaq is bound to get lazy and remember that the Bulls gave the
Heat their toughest run in the playoffs--without Wallace. I think Cleveland should be feared on the same level as the Heat.


PV said...

The combination of the signing and trade is brilliant general managing by Pax. He's basically traded Chandler for Wallace and one year of PJ Brown and JR Smith, and then next year those contracts expire and he gets the cap room back to sign some of their core.

Taken on its own, however, I think the Wallace signing is good but not great. He improves upon the Bulls' strength--they've led the league in FG PCT against the last two years--and lends a presence, ie, he can defend without fouling and the refs respect him. I don't worry if they overpaid a bit, 'cause 4 years isn't too bad. He's clearly an upgrade over Chandler--but he can't score or hit free throws either.

Making your big free agent signing with someone who is getting older and can't score the ball is something of a risk. While they will get cap room back next year, with what they'll have to give Hinrich et al to sign them up, I'm not sure they'll be enough room to get an offensive star, which as of right now they still need. Is Pax banking that the player is already on the team? Right now they're very perimeter oriented, some ability to attack the hoop, but not really a steady back-to-the basket or get-your-own-shot option.

In other words, I like Wallace, but they still need another move or a star to develop to contend, in my opinion.

Objective analysis aside: I'm totally psyched for the season.

The Zoner said...

Those players are on the roster: Deng and Ben Gordon, as well as Hinrich and Nocioni.

As much as I thought Gordon was a piece to dangle to acquire bulk, I'm happy he is here. He is that huge scorer, that 4th qtr. guy, the guy when the 24 hits red you give him the ball and get out of the way.

In Brown, Thomas and Wallace, the Bulls will control the boards and likely the tempo of most games. Last year they were average or below in rebounding. This year they will dominate it. It cannot be overlooked.

More 2nd chances with a good perimeter shooting team spells death for opponents.

PV said...

I like that Gordon is here, too--but he's not going to get any taller. And Deng isn't going to get more athletic. And Noc isn't going to get either.

Don't get me wrong, I like 'em all a lot, but even with improvement all around I don't know if that's enough.

I think Hinrich might have the most star potential, as I can see him doing a Steve Nash Jr. thing with an improved cast. Then there's Thomas, who's been playing ball for all of 3 years and not one minute yet in the league, so he's still an unknown.

So, even if that player is on the roster, he's a year or two away from being that guy. And if he's not on the roster, they have to get him. Which means I'll be pleased next year if they even make the conf finals, but as long as they threaten in a second-round series it'll be good progress. They will be contending seriously at some point, just maybe not next year.

The Zoner said...

I fully expect them to contend for the East next year. I look for Deng and Gordon to have their best years ever. Also,I don't assume Pax is done yet. He now has a glut of 4's that he can deal from.

PJ Brown