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Waiving a pitcher with $22 million left on his deal...not priceless.

Russ Ortiz was 103-60 when he signed an exorbitant 4 yr.-$33 million dollar deal with the D'Backs. Since then he has gone 5-15 with a 6.95 ERA in 28 starts. Assuming the D'Backs get nothing in return for Ortiz, he will have earned over $1 million per start during his time there. Or approximately $6.6 million per win. What a country.

Ortiz threw mass pitches as a Giant under Dusty Baker and also as a Brave. It has obviously caught up with him. He's walked 100 or more batters in a season 4 times. K/BB total in 2005 was 46/65 and this year 21/22. As valued reader PV and I like to say, the fork is rusting in him he's so done.

So by all means the Cubs will inquire about Ortiz. Baker will recall the halcyon days in San Fran when the cream and the clear were hush hush and on the QT and Ortiz was piling up wins, innings and erosion of fibrous tissue in his shoulder.

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1 comment:

PV said...

I applaud the D'backs for making the move, instead of keeping him around just coz they him a ton of dough, as some teams might.

Sunk cost is sunk cost. Nothing they can do can take back the contract, so just move on. Good for them.