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“I can’t sit here and say I pitched bad,’’ Wood said. “It’s something to build on.’’

Since when is giving up 3 homers in 5 innings good? I've criticized Wood in the past for his seemingly low expectations of his performances. Look, all those simulated games and minor league appearances are preparation for the major league level. I understand he hasn't started a MLB game in over a year. But as a fan I want to hear him say he sucked and giving up 3 homers in a game is bad even in an exhibition game.

After all, the Nats are almost as bad as the Cubs on offense, and one of the dingers was hit by Damian Jackson--with the pitcher on deck and two outs in the inning. That's inexcusable for a rookie, isn't it?

As for Neifi Perez's surprise bunt yesterday:

"I was just trying to do the best for the team," Perez said. "I've been struggling with the bat right now, and if I got a base-hit hitting, or a base-hit bunting … I have [John] Mabry behind me. If I got that bunt where I should have, the third baseman was way back and he didn't have a chance to throw me out. I didn't get the job done."

Cubs manager Dusty Baker said afterward it "was not a bad play," and Perez said he did not regret the surprise move."If I had a chance to do it again, I might, because that's my game," Perez said.

No wonder they like each other so much. It's a terrible play. And the fact that Baker says it's not and Perez says he would do it again speaks volumes as to how badly prepared this team is and how much they truly have no clue when it comes to approach and situational hitting. Perez is signed through 2007.


PV said...

Just finished reading the game story in the paper, with these same quotes, and nearly choked on my samich.

The irony is that Dusty actually made some sense talking about Wood, saying "He threw too many fat strikes" and calling the pitch to Jackson "questionable." That qualifies as a public dressing down by Dusty's "I always stick up for my guys in public" standards.

But then he sticks up for Neifi? For probably as dumb a play as you'll see?

Hmmm...makes you wonder. Or maybe you don't have to--it's pretty clearly one guy is a Dusty fav and one isn't.

As for me, they can all three tell their stories walkin'.

The Zoner said...

But wait--we got a lot of breaks coming according to Dusty.

I'm also tired of national reporters/pundits making the case for Dusty to stay. I really can't fathom how anyone who has watched this team for the last 3 years can say they want him here, let alone for another contract.

I love Tom Verducci but even he gave it the ol' "injuries aren't his fault" line.

I also love how Neifi said "I have John Mabry coming up next" as if he is some major threat. Exactly why you don't bunt there.