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Could we need more Snow here in Chicago? That's a horrid lead, I know. But you just don't pass up opportunities like that.

Anyway, seems J.T. Snow wants out of Bahsten. He's had only 21 ABs in 2006. And with Kevin Youkilis living up to the "Moneyball" hype, he's left to perish on the bench with occasional defensive and pinch-hitting duties. Enter the Cubs.

Finally, a deal that I would endorse for the Cubs. Snow makes only $2 mill, bats left-handed, is a solid 1st Baseman and is signed only through the end of the season. And it would take only a marginal prospect to get him here.

If used correctly, he can be an asset to the Cubs. He draws walks and has long been considered one of the game's best 1st Basemen. Whether that remains the case at age 38 is something I can't answer. But I can guarantee you he's better there than Walker. He'd be a nice hitter in the 2 hole.

He won't be much more than a band-aid on this patient that's spewing blood. But it's a nice move that won't hurt you long term and if the heavens open up and somehow the Cubs turn it around and get into contention, he's a great guy to have on your bench.

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PV said...

That makes way too much sense for it to happen.