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Hey Cubs fans! Do you still like the WBC? Coz your best player just got hurt diving for a ball--and get this--USA might not even make the finals.

And now Mark Prior has some shoulder pain so he will also be visiting with Dr. Lewis Yocum. Prior complained of pain in the posterior of his shoulder. (Insert posterior joke here)

So hope springs back--not eternal--for the Cubbies because it seems I have seen this movie before. And it wasn't any good.


Tim Ellsworth said...

Prior's been a pain in my posterior for a while.

The Zoner said...

As a Cardinal fan, why? He's not around enough to be a pain in the bum.

Anonymous said...

Well, yes, I still like the WBC, even though USA might get bounced. I mean, I'm not all that surprised, there's a lot of strong teams, I didn't have the USA as a big favorite or anything. In fact one of things I've liked is that whenever I've tuned in, no matter who's playing, it's been good ball.

As for DLee's injury, I was watching the game when it happened and certainly cringed when I saw him twinge, but it didn't look serious. And here's the thing: players get hurt every spring, whether there's a WBC or not, so to blame the tournament for an injury doesn't really wash with me. Stuff happens, that's the way it goes. And it didn't look very serious at least, and so far, the measures are being labelled "precautionary".

Though in Cubspeak, that could mean he's gonna have the arm amputated tomorrow.


The Zoner said...

Yeah I don't buy the whole could have happened in Mesa argument. It didn't happen there and who knows if he is diving for balls in a ST game.

Disturbing is this line: "Same injury that bothered him last year". It's even getting to DLee.

Tim Ellsworth said...

Prior's been on my dirt list ever since he shot off his mouth about the Cardinals as a rookie. Yes, Steve Kline shot off his mouth, too.