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If you have yet to make your picks for the tourney, Critical Fanatic has some detailed thoughts on who will be dancing. Here's some of what The Zoner predicts. 1st Round Upsets:
  • UNC-Wilmington over GW
  • Salukis over W. Virginia
  • Bucknell over Arkansas
  • Badgers over Arizona
  • UW-Milw. over Oklahoma
  • Utah St. over Washington
My Final Four:
  • Texas vs. Gonzaga, UConn vs. Florida
The Final:
  • Gonzaga vs. UConn
The Champion: UConn.


Gordon Cloud said...

Did you enter Tim's bracket challenge at ESPN? You certainly have some interesting picks here.

Anonymous said...

Three of your "upsets" are 9 seeds over 8's--way to go out on a limb. But I do like most of those picks.

I've filled out 2 brackets and can't seem to arrive without Gonzaga and UConn in the Final 4 myself.

Apparently I think the winner of the Texas-Duke regional final will be the National Champion, coz that's how I've picked: I have Duke winning in one (the one in which I am competing with The Zoner) and Texas in another. So if that isn't the Regional Final in Atlanta, I'll be in bad shape.


The Zoner said...

upsets in name only.

Now I am hurt. Or not.

That's what's great about this year--not that the fav always wins---but there is no clear cut favorite.

Tom said...

All of this ga-ga over Gonzaga. Sweet 16, probably. But they won't get to the Elite 8.