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ZONER'S MONDAY MORSELS does it look now? Minnesota is only one game back. The vaunted Bears D unraveled yesterday. It's looking rather susceptible to the run lately. The papers are saying great things about Orton today. But 17-35 is still 17-35. And can someone explain why Bobby Wade is still back there for punts? It's very possible that the Bears could be at home when the playoffs begin. And I don't mean at Soldier Field. Anyway...the morsels.

--The Clippers are 14-6. But last night they lost to the Pistons in L.A. It's the type of game that very good teams should win, a milestone to indicate true progress. Yes, the Pistons are 15-2. But they do play in the East, where the 3 worst teams in the league reside. Phoenix is red hot and right on their tail. Frightening about Detroit is that they are 15-2 but have only played 6 home games. They are 10-1 on the road. Whoa.

--What is up in Utah? Used to be one of the harder if not hardest places to play for the visitors. But this year the Jazz are only 3-8 at home and 5-4 on the road. Only Portland and Houston score less points per game than the Jazz. Houston is just a real mess.

--I never got to the KG trade rumors. While his numbers may a bit down from last year, I make a trade for him in a heartbeat. I'd give them basically whatever they want. But how about Chandler, Nocioni and the Bulls higher 1st rounder? Or make it Gordon instead of Nocioni. But to make it to the next level the Bulls will need a star. KG fits the bill. He does everything well. But they have also just won 5 in a row and are in 1st place. So it doesn't seem likely. The Bulls have 2 1st round picks next year and will also have a ton of cash for free agents. I'd guess that if the Bulls had KG Chicago might be more enticing to the better free agents. Imagine if the Bulls got KG and then lured Ben Wallace here. Or even Yao Ming? Duhon, Hinrich, Deng, KG and one of those 2 big men would be incredible. A fan can dream...

--Miguel Tejada is backing off his statement about wanting a trade. So while it might moot, Phil Rogers talks about trading Zambrano for Tejada. On the poll accompanying the article, 76% say it would be a bad deal for the Cubs. But I like Rogers' reasoning. And if the Cubs think so much of Rich Hill and Angel Guzman...


Anonymous said...

I was extremely disappointed in the defense yesterday--and not just because they gave up some points and lost. At some point that was going to happen. It's one thing to get beat--but another to look weak and stupid doing so.

The Steelers simply wanted it more yesterday, as indicated by all the broken tackles and mowed over Bear defenders. They wanna talk about how they're so damn good, well a defense as good as they think they are doesn't cave in when they get punched in the mouth, so to speak, which they did on that first drive. I saw hanging heads as early as that screen play to Parker. They just didn't show up--they were weak. And they got completely outcoached and didn't adjust--they were stupid out there.

I haven't gotten to the papers yet, and what they've said about Kyle Unitas, but I will say that Orton looked ready to play and respond to the challenge, which is more than I can say for the D. But he still has accuracy issues, you just can't miss 3rd down slants when they're open, like he did to Moose early, when momentum could have still been re-seized, before the game spiraled away and out of control in a snowstorm of revealed weaknesses.


The Zoner said...

He played better, to be sure. But he still is very inaccurate and is Vince Evans-like in his short to medium passes--he basically whips them at the receivers. He doesn't have a lot of touch and his long range passes are pretty sorry. The play to Berrian was nice, but that was due to Berrian, not Orton.

The Steelers wanted it so much more. So many missed and broken tackles.

I give you major props--you nailed it last week.

The Armchair Quarterback said...

The Jazz don't scare anyone right now. It's really difficult to watch their offense for us Utah fans. The Jazz have and never will be like the Suns under Jerry Sloan but there have been times when their offense is at least efficient. Kirilenko is struggling but he will never be a scoring machine even if he regains his all-star form. They need another clutch shooter. Okur is scoring for them but somebody else needs to fill up the box scores as well.

Brian said...

Your are right on the ball in saying that Yao would make the Bulls better.

What people don't appreciate about Yao, however, is his exploits off the court.

Seriously, read about it, he was just inaugurated into the Beer Pong Hall of Fame the other day.

Read about it at: