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The Reds now have Tony Womack. I don't know why.

The Tigers are giving Todd Jones 11 million over 2 years to come back and close or something. Remember they shelled out mass dollars to Troy Percival last year. They are also giving Kenny Rogers 2 years and $16 million dollars, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Sean Casey is a Pirate. "Sean Casey has been an asset to this organization the last eight years, but if we're going to improve and have a chance in our division, it's going to be about pitching," Reds general manager Dan O'Brien said. It's also pretty obvious it's about money. Most of which you gave to Eric Milton. They gave him a load of dough after a season in which he allowed 43 homers. Last year he gave up 40 and was 8-15 with a 6.47 ERA. I promise you that for 1/20th of the money I could have equaled or bettered those numbers.

The Orioles have freaked out and given Ramon Hernandez 4 years and $27.25 million dollars. They already have Javy Lopez. Hernandez has a career .743 OPS.


Greg said...

"The Reds now have Tony Womack. I don't know why."

That's funny. That should have been the headline on ESPN when the trade went down.

Anonymous said...

Just when you think it can't get any dumber...$7 mil per for Ramon Hernandez--when you already have a catcher? $11 mil to Todd Jone--when he's tubby and old and you spend all that money last year on Troy Percival? I'm sort of stunned by the stupidity of both, though I would have to give the Orioles the nod for most stupid. For if they plan to trade Lopez, they have no real leverage having signed Hernandez already; and if they plan to DH him, he will prolly be sucky by DH standards.

The Kenny Rogers deal is actually not so bad, can see that working out.

I think they call that comment "damning with faint praise."

Ok then.


Sports Litter said...

I was really hoping Hernandez would end up in an Astros uniform, but if the Orioles want to hord all the catchers let them.