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So riddle me this: The Bears did not want to bring in a veteran QB like Kurt Warner unless he was comfortable with the fact that Grossman was the starter and there would be no competition for the job whatsoever.

But now, the Bears will play the rookie Orton--who hasn't performed well--over Grossman? Discuss, explain. I don't get it, assuming Rex is ready to go. If he isn't that is another thing. But he claims he's ready.

At least with Grossman I think the Turner would reinstall some of the offense. Like outs. They do not trust Orton to throw them. Yesterday they averaged a whoppping 2.9 yds per pass. They were 0-10 on 3rd down. Not getting the ball to Muhammad at all is inexcusable. People are high on Lovie Smith, and rightfully so. He made the decision to start Orton over Blake and waive Hutchinson. Will he now make the decision to bench Orton?

And how disturbing is this: "In its final four games Chicago has three roadies and three against playoff contenders. The Bears visit the Vikings on New Year's Day, maybe -- and amazingly, considering the events of the season for both teams -- with the division title on the line. " That from an article about why division leaders should not be too comfortable.

At Pittsburgh, Atlanta at home, At Green Bay and at Minny. Minny has 3 of 4 at home. St. Louis, Pittsburgh, at Baltimore and then the Bears.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, the schedule down the stretch hasn't been discussed that much either, but it's TOUGH. (I wonder what the Bears record in Dec road games is in recent years? Betcha not good.) I actually feel pretty good about the Sun night home tilt v. the Falcon--gonna be mighty chilly!--but can see pitfalls everywhere else. They need to find a way to win two of these final four.

And I agree with you analysis, especially the yards per attempt and not being able to throw an out. You can just feel the parts of the field Orton can use squeezing narrower each week, and I think even some of his fabled poise is slipping, too (see a couple bad sacks yesterday, where in the past he's at least thrown it away).

It's a tough spot for Lovie, really, coz if he switches QBs and it fails...but he has to know the mood of the team better than the public. And they seem to be turning a bit on Orton (witness O-line huddle in 3rd; shot of Kreutz yelling at him as they walked off at one point). If the team supports the switch, then even if it doesn't work, they'd have given it their best shot. And Lovie has shown a refreshing tendency to make lineup moves and play who he thinks should be out there (unless you're named Bobby Wade, though sticking with him as long as he did looks right after Davies yesterday).

Anyway, bottom line: don't be content with just being a surprise NFC North winner, do what it takes to try and win it all.