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Mike Downey of the Chicago Tribune chimes in on the Kyle Orton debate:

"I never dreamed a day would come when anybody would need to defend a Bears quarterback whose team has just won eight games in a row. Not two in a row … not four in a row … eight in a row. Bears coaches and players must think the world has gone nuts. For them to go out Sunday and beat the Green Bay Packers, run their record to 9-3 and wake up Monday morning to a lively debate on TV and radio, on Web sites and in print about what they should do with their quarterback, well, I think athletes ought to insist that media and fans be the ones who undergo drug tests. To change quarterbacks now would be like having Secretariat's jockey win the Belmont by 31 lengths but replacing him in the saddle because the horse should have won by 50.I can't believe we are having this discussion."

Ok, so let me give you the flip of that. It's hard for me to understand why people can't understand the reasoning behind moving Orton out as starter. The QB is not a mascot, lucky charm or 4-leaf clover. He's a player on the field. And like Lovie said, every position is continually evaluated and if you don't produce you will be demoted.

So let's say Chris Duhon is averaging 4 assists and 10 turnovers a game. But the Bulls are 10-2. Would you then argue that you shouldn't remove him from the lineup because you are winning? Nonsense. It's simply foresight. You can't go on like this. It's like a person who is burning the candle at both ends. They eventually fall down from exhaustion or get sick. Same with the Bears. Just because they have been successful while running on offensive empty doesn't mean they will continue to do so. It's quite clear that they won't.

So since they do have a shot to take the NFC if they start scoring points, do you want to make that switch in the playoffs? Or do you want to make it now with 4 games left? Hey, when Orton was playing well and looked as if he was progressing each week I was all for it. Since week 9 he has been brutal. 3 TDs, 7 picks and looking more lost each time out.

It's an easy move, unless you're superstitious.


Greg said...

Nice job on the Orton stuff. Good stuff. As a Bears fan, I am torn. We are winning, yes, but our offense is sitting firmly on the D's shoulders. What if they have one bad game? I mean, let's just say that we play the Colts. It's not unreasonable to think that they'll at least score 17 on us. Then what? I've long been calling Orton the "King of the 5-Yard Pass". Not exactly the kind of player who will march you to a Super Bowl champioship. Kurt Warner would have been a great signing. Ah well. But I'm not so sure Grossman is the answer either. I say we stick with Orton until we're forced to make a change.

The Zoner said...

I'm guessing on the road at Pittsburgh against a team that needs a win badly will be the "forced to make a change" game.

Greg said...

Yup. Probably.