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Sports Litter says this is the week the Colts will lose. He also argues that the Jags deserve some national respect. After looking over their schedule I have to agree.

They have won against Seattle, Cincinnati, @ Pittsburgh and have currently rattled off 5 in a row, the last 3 being road wins. They lost to the Colts in Indy 10-3 in Week 2. No team has held Indy to less points, and the Jags let Manning throw for only 122 yards. If that doesn't impress you check your carotid artery for a pulse. Manning's rating for the game was 44.

Even if they lose to Indy the Jags have 3 very winnable games to finish off the regular season: SF, @ Houston and Tennessee. They are very consistent on both sides of the ball. Their D is ranked 5th overall in both yards and points allowed. They rank 13th overall in points scored. Losing Leftwich is huge, but David Garrard is a capable backup. Whether that translates into beating the Colts and going far in the postseason is yet to be seen.

But agreed--respect and props for the Jaguars.


Schmidty said...

The Jag's definitely deserve respect as a contender, but the reason they're going to lose this week is because everyone is picking them to win! It's all of a sudden become a popular line of thinking...that the Colts are gonna finally drop one this week. IMHO, the precise reason the Colts should win, and possibly blow the Jags out! It's like that popular 7/11 seed upset in the NCAA's...everyone always picks one, and there always IS one, but it's rarely the one that's the "popular" bandwagon pick!

Sports Litter said...

You're damn right I think they deserve respect.

Jags win! Jags win!