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The Cubs signed lefty Scott Eyre to a 3-yr. deal. Forgive me if I don't jump for joy. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from the all too similar contract of Mike Remlinger. Other similarities include them both coming off their best year, and not being that good before that year.

I also happen to remember the Scott Eyre that pitched here for the White Sox and got absolutely hammered. So those things stick out and I have to say I don't see the Cubs getting their money's worth out of this deal. And if it is true that he received a full no-trade clause then I'm really confused.

Eyre's agent Tommy Tanzer said, "All 30 teams have called. I've never seen anything like it. In my 23 years, I've never seen where every team wants the guy. He's going to be able to get whatever he wants. There are so many choices, we're not going to rush into things. Scott's the kind of kid who wants to be comfortable in the clubhouse."

We know he'll get that here in Chicago. The Cubs level of discipline seemingly ends at "let's leave them all alone".

B.J. Ryan is the guy they should have went after. He is simply nasty and dominated last year. He is also 4 years younger than Eyre. The Cubs need a power pitcher in their bullpen. Ryan fits the bill. I think if they went after any reliever this year it definitely should have been him. He could close games and Dempster could move to a set-up role--maybe like a 2 inning guy.

Until last year, Eyre was a mediocre pitcher. Before last year his career total of K/BB was 300-214. He's not a bad pitcher, and maybe last year indicates he is ready to be one of the premier lefties in the league. At age 33, that would definitely be odd. More likely is that last year was his career year and 2006 will find him closer to his career averages. I think for that kind of deal--length and salary-- you have to be an exceptional pitcher. And I just don't think that he is although I certainly hope to be proved wrong.

I would have loved to see that money allocated differently. If it's a situational lefty the Cubs wanted, Ricardo Rincon would have been a cheaper alternative. Yes he gets pounded by righties, but that would not be his call. He gets lefties out. Period.

We will see how it pans out. Maybe that's just the going rate for decent lefty set-up guys. Maybe you can find one cheaper. But here's hoping that this signing does not preclude the Cubs from getting Furcal. But that situation doesn't look that bright. From what I've read I have a feeling we will see the Cubs get Juan Pierre from Florida. They are also looking at Kevin Mench from Texas. That would be great. A quick look at what that lineup might look like:

  1. CF Pierre
  2. 2B Walker
  3. 1B Lee
  4. 3B Ramirez
  5. RF Mench
  6. LF Murton
  7. C Barrett
  8. SS Cedeno
Pitchers might look like this:

  1. Prior
  2. Wood
  3. Zambrano
  4. Maddux
  5. Rusch
  6. Williams
  7. Dempster
  8. Novoa
  9. Eyre
  10. Ohman
  11. Wellemeyer
  12. Williamson
  13. Wuertz
And the bench:

  1. SS/IF Perez
  2. IF/OF Macias
  3. IF/OF Hairston Jr.
  4. C Blanco
  5. OF Greenberg

I also read where Jim Hendry was not opposed to adding another starter. Huh? I was thinking the quick way to improve the offense is to trade one. If they are so high on Rich Hill and they also have 6 starters already, why not move a starter? Because they always get hurt? Oh.

More to come...


Schmidty said...

Amen to this Zoner...was a bit disappointed to hear the Cubbies were going after Eyre. His agent "created" a market for him and the Cubs but...just like Remlinger. He's 33 now...will be 36 when the contract is up. Will he still be effective then? The three-year deal to B.J. Ryan would have made much more sense...then you could have let him close and move Dempster back to starting since I hear through the grapevine that he'd rather do that anyway. And for the love of God...why resign Glendon Rusch?? I fear next season isn't looking too good...

Anonymous said...

My first thought was apparently the same as yours--Mike Remlinger, and how bad that contract turned out. (Then I thought of Latroy Hawkins, and then Dave Smith and Mel Rojas, and the generally crappy history of signing relievers for the Cub--not that the history of signings of any kind is good. Okay then.) But at least he's younger then Remmy, and apparently ADD meds have turned around his career. I said, apparently ADD meds have turned around his career. (Not funny, I know.)

Anyway, I really like the look of the lineup/roster you put out there--right down to Adam Goldberg on the bench. I prefer Furcal to Pierre, more BBs and maybe fewer rationalizations for Dusty to play Neifi too much instead of Cedeno (ah, dare to dream). But really, why not Pierre AND Furcal? One's a trade, the other's a signing, so no reason they have to be mutually exclusive.

But really, the most intriguing rumor I've heard is Corey P for Brad Wilkerson. Do. That. Now. Seriously, Wilkerson is a gamer with great gap power and a willingness to--gasp!--take a BB. He'd be perfect.



The Zoner said...

I'm going to go ahead and say that the Wilkerson for Patterson thing is just a rumor indeed. I don't think they would take Corey and Eric Patterson for Wilkerson.