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"Do you know who I am?"

It's the classic phrase used by celebrities, rich people and anyone with an over-inflated ego or blood-alcohol level.

This week's utterance is provided by NASCAR driver Kurt Busch. Apparently lacking critical thinking skills and possibly sobriety, Busch dropped the 'DYKWIA' phrase on the Phoenix police officers who had pulled him over for reckless driving. According to the police reports, when Busch was asked to perform a sobriety test, he responded by saying, "I'm not doing this gay-ass test."

It's no wonder that athletes have a cadre of representatives, agents and lawyers. They sorely need them. Busch continued with his belligerence, insulting and challenging the officers. It was revealed Wednesday that his BA level was under the legal limit. So basically he was just dumb, not drunk. Kudos to Roush Racing for suspending Busch for the remainder of the NASCAR season.

The Smoking Gun has all the goodies for your perusal.

And here is a good article from the Las Vegas Sun.

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