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To the morsels...

---The Chicago Bears now claim 1st place in the NFC North all by themselves. The Packers are now 1-6. Minny lost and Detroit is just bad. I'd have to say I would be very surprised if the Bears do not win the division. I'm betting on them picking up another road win next week over the hapless Haslett Saints. That would make them 5-3 and they have beaten Detroit twice, giving them the tiebreaker. Culpepper is out for the season. The Bears keep playing D and Orton keeps getting better. Oh and lookie here--Ced Benson had a few nice runs. Azumah is looking much more comfortable on returns and you heard it here first--he returns one for a TD next week.

---The Packers are now 1-6. There is no end to the joy I receive from saying that.

---The Chicago Blackhawks are already a mess. They are tied with least points in the NHL--6. They have won only 3 games. They opened at home this year and they did not televise the game. You would think after a prolonged strike the Hawks would have televised it as a goodwill gesture, or just out of a smart business move because most people here don't even remember them. But no. What morons. Kahbibulin looks terrible and the Hawks look the same as always. Bob Foltman from the Trib talks about their chances to even get to the playoffs. Snore.

---Sam Smith has analysis on the Magloire for Desmond Mason deal. I have always liked both very much. For a team that was poor defensively, getting rid of Mason seems curious. And now Bogut will be coming off the bench. With TJ Ford and Michael Redd in the backcourt, fans might want to watch the games with a clicker to see how many times players drive by them to the goal.

---Speaking of hoops, NBAdraftnet has the Illini's Dee Brown going 54th in next year's draft to the Rockets. Wow.

---And for your Monday laugh: Scooter the Talking Baseball Tries to Explain How Tim McCarver Still Has a Job


BigD said...

* Yes, the Bears will win the division. And why not? Great defense and a solid running game. The QB situation is interesting, though. When is Grossman due back? Interesting.

* I don't mind so much people throwing stones at the NFC North. They do have some big problems. But the last time I checked, the AFC East has only 1 team at at .500 or above (New England 4-3). And they have only 1 team that has scored more points than they have given up (Miami 136 - 134). Just as pathetic.

* Do the Blackhawks have their ice painted with a message thanking the fans, like other NHL teams? I wouldn't know, I have not been to a game. Some thanks, though.

* Fall is in the air down here in Orlando. Hurricanes are slowing down, Temps in the 70's, and Grant Hill on the DL.

* I also like the fact that the Packers are 1-6. But somewhere along the way, I began to like Favre. A great, hard-nose football player, playing the game the way it should be played.

The Zoner said...

I came to admire him too, but I have long thoughts on his consecutrive game streak since it was laced with vicodin for some time.