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Whilst savoring the Sox pennant win...

  • Matt Murton continues to play very well. He is in the AFL on the Mesa Solar Sox. He is currently hitting 500/560/818. It's only 6 games, but he has 11 hits, 7 of which are doubles. If he isn't starting in LF and batting 2nd on opening day 2006, there is something very, very wrong with Dusty Baker. Which may be the case anyway.

  • Sam Smith has a lot of good NBA tidbits today. He also offers up a Nowitzki for Garnett trade and why it would make sense. He also has his usual hilarious barbs, like this one: "Since the dismissal of Bob Huggins at Cincinnati, Denver's Kenyon Martin is asking he be announced in introductions from Dallas' Bryan Adams High School. It probably was the last place where he attended class, anyway." That's some good eating right there. He also points out Shaq has been doing some major eating. Apparently Shaq says he was "too weak" last year.

  • What's the name of that college's team?... They are all right here.

  • And some interesting stuff from Check out how the Bulls (or your favorite team) did when certain players were on the floor. For example, the Bulls were actually a minus with Hinrich on the floor last year.

  • And finally, since everyone (like my brother) is not thrilled with the Sox being in the World Series, you might want to visit Heave the Hawk where you buy a shirt like this:

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BigD said...

Tell your brother that I'm right there with him. I find myself between rooting against them to being indifferent.