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Chicago. 10:41pm.

A few doors down a neighbor is blowing off fireworks. I'm vacillating between giddy, school boy laughs and tearing eyes. The White Sox are going to the World Series. This is absolutely amazing.

They won the pennant in unprecedented style. 4 complete games in a row. Buehrle, Garland, Garcia and tonight Contreras, who also threw over 8 innings the 1st game. The 4 starters threw over 44 innings. Amazing.

The Angels continued to make costly mistakes. Escobar tagging Pierzynski with an empty glove capped off a series of sleepy plays including Paul not tagging Pierzynski and Finley yesterday pleading his case getting doubled up.

10:51. Konerko gets the MVP trophy. 4 homers so far in the postseason. I say so far because the White Sox are going to the World Series.

Let the comparisons between Ditka and Ozzie Guillen start here. Guillen is a former Sox. Ditka was a Bear. Both take no crap and have big mouths that move fast and let loose many words. They both restored pride to their teams. The Sox, although having decent records each year, were seen as losers. Not anymore.

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