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Via the fabulous Balls, Sticks & Stuff comes the link to this website. I suppose it's hard to pick a favorite McCarverism, but one of them is when he described to viewers that "the knob at the end of the bat is put there so when batters swing the bat doesn't fly out of their hands."

A local sports radio station here in Chicago has ripped him endlessly for years. And whenever someone states the obvious or says something dumb they say, "Thanks, Tim McCarver". It's a great line. Try it out on your friends!


Earl said...

Blah Blah Blah
Thanks for comments on Tim M. I have had it with the whole crew from Fox. What a bunch of losers. I wind up turning the sound off completely.
Harry Caray---please come back and broadcast with Steve Stone.
Earl in the Arctic

The Zoner said...

you da man earl! I like Piniella, just because he's raw and kind of aloof in a Hank Stram kinda way.