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Here's hoping that was the worst game of the season. And the funny thing is, they actually had a chance to win into the 4th quarter.

Orton looked lost. He looked like Chad Hutchinson in the preseason--too much thinking and not enough reacting. He just needs to play. You could tell he was caught up in running the plays correctly and he was in his head. He did keep battling and he has heart. The bye week comes at a great time.

Still, I would have brought in Blake in the 3rd. The game was still in hand. In my mind, you have a veteran backup for exactly that reason--your young starter isn't getting the job done so you turn to experience. The Bears get all freaked out about these type of things. You bring him in to see if he can salvage a win. Game 4 you still start Orton. It was pretty obvious he wasn't getting the job done. As far as it ruining Orton's development, that's a load of garbage. If you didn't being him back to start game 4, maybe. But it's apparent not too much will bother this kid. And if being replaced for one half of football is going to upset him or his game that much, then I don't really want that guy at QB anyway. If ever there was a time to bring in the 2nd stringer, it was then.

Doug Brien was a bad signing. Out of all the available legs--including college kickers like Mike Nugent (who took his place in NY)--Angelo brings in the guy with possibly the weakest leg in the NFL. This was the guy who also tanked hard in the playoffs last year. Time to see who is out there. His miss yesterday was crucial.

Perhaps we should bring Peanut Tillman back to mortal status. He has looked rather average this year and yesterday he was just plain bad. His pass interference gave the Bengals 3 easy points and he just doesn't look as aggressive this season. I can't think of any standout plays he has made in 3 games yet.

Just think, this could have been a battle between Akili Smith and Cade Mc Nown, bothdrafted in the 1st round in 1999. More from the great Len Pasquarelli here.

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