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Sammy is done for 2005. I wonder who will take a shot with him next year? Here's how his 2005 stacked up:

14 45 .221/.295/.376=.671

Wow. he ended up August--the last time he played--going 11 for 69 with a .423 OPS.

It happens so quickly. He was close to being the number one star in MLB for a long time. And now he is an afterthought. The other intersting thing from a Chicago point of view is how revered Sosa was and how disdained Frank Thomas was. There is another thing that changed. Sosa is PE#1 and Thomas is championed for being "clean". Sammy has career OPS of .882. Frank Thomas? .995. How anyone could even question the HOF status of Frank Thomas is well beyond me. He was arguably the best right-handed hitter of the 90's--Bagwell being the possible exception--and his 'clean' career numbers are incredible.

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