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ESPN's excellent NFL writer Len Pasquarelli has the latest on the Kellen Winslow ordeal. The Browns are giving him the chance to earn back some of the bonuses he threw away by crashing his motorcycle. Of course, that is restricted in most if not all NFL contracts. Winslow was not only breaching his deal by riding a bike, but crashed trying to pull off some stunts on it. He is out for the season and will have played a grand total of 2 games inhis first 2 seasons. I can't remember what number Chris Gedney wore, but Winslow should have it on his back.

Also worth reading are Pasquarelli's other columns on the matter here and here. These go into detail about Winslow Sr. tirade against the media after his son's crash. Apparently they were great for all the press that his son got to be a high first round pick and now they are evil because they were reporting his misdoing. Huh. Also intersting is that the Browns actually had an assistant carry off his pads and equipment after training camp practices. Huh.

The Browns were 4-12 last year. Huh.

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