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I've always been a Matt Lawton fan. He is a solid addition. But to think that he can cure what ails the Cubs is foolish. I'd rather see Murton every day. Phil Rogers wrote "While the Cubs continue to act like Matt Murton's fast start is a fluke, the Braves called off their search for a right-handed-hitting outfielder after seeing 21-year-old Jeff Francoeur hit .395 with five home runs and 12 RBIs in his first 13 games. Lawton will likely be a Cub just until the end of the season. Gerut probably would have been a better long term option. It looks as if LF will again need some filling for 2006. Bobby Cox is the man.

At 53-52, it's near insane to think that the Cubs are going to be the Wild Card. Some team will get to 90 wins to take it. The Cubs would have to go 37-20 to get to 90 wins. Stranger things have happened, but I would be totally shocked if this team has that kind of run in them. Especially when all the WC contenders--Houston, Washington, Philly, New York and Florida--have better clubs in my opinion.

If it's true that the Cubs were after Alfonso Soriano (huh?), I'm left to wonder why they didn't make an offer for Adam Dunn. I'm a huge fan. He is only 25. Can you imagine a lineup with DLee, Dunn and Ramirez as your 3-4-5? Wow. Plus, Dunn will keep getting better. People talk about his K totals, but he also drew over 100 BBs last year and has 73 this year. In 1-3 years, it will be interesting to see what team he is playing for--when he wins his first MVP award. It should be here. There is no untouchable Cubs prospect--at least not one with the production of Dunn--in the minors. Hendry supposedly balked at Pie and Rich Hill for Soriano. I would have gladly traded them both--and more--for Dunn. He will likely be in the top 5 for homers and OPS for the next 5-7 seasons, if not 10.

Meanwhile, the Sox keep cruising. They are now 68-35. They are 35-16 on the road and have allowed the least runs in the AL. Finishing up 32-27 gets them to 100 wins. It's amazing. They picked a solid veteran for the bench in Geoff Blum. He's not a very good offensive player, but he does have some pop. But with the exception of catcher and CF, he has played every position in the majors. I would also guess that he is the type of guy who will not distract anything or anyone in the clubhouse.

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