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Read about it here. Seems absolutely insane to me. Of course, I don't even think he is worth the mid-level exception. I can see though how some team thinks he might be valuable as a third guard. Is it worth the risk though? The vision of Sprewell playing with boundless energy and wreaking havoc on D needs to be erased from everybody's mind. CBS Sportsline had him ranked 20th out of all the shooting guards last year. His numbers last year were basically all below his career averages. He will be 35 on September 8th. I doubt he is feeling motivated to prepare for the season knowing that he will make less than the contract he should have signed with the Wolves. Houston is another possibilty, with reports that he could vie for the starting job along with David Wesley. Wesley is a deadly 3-pt. shooter and also shoots almost 86% from the line. Houston also has several other SGs on the roster. I can't see how they even have a need for Sprewell.

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Anonymous said...

The bigger issue even, aside from agen and deteriorating play, is the playing time. As pointed out in the article, how much time would he get behind Rip, Prince and Chauncey? Not enough to be happy, methinks.