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The Cubs lead the National League in hitting at .274. But they are 9th in the NL in runs scored. Perhaps that is due to the fact that the Cubs--with all of their power bats--are dead last in the NL in walks. The Phils lead the NL in walks and are 4th in the league in runs scored. I was shocked to discover that the Reds are 1st in runs scored, ahead of STL and ATL. Cincy is 3rd in walks, STL is 5th and ATL is 7th. The Reds lead the league in homers and the Cubs are 2nd. But--believe it or not--you need to have men on base to make the homers mean something.

Might these stats have anything to do with Dusty Baker's lineup for the first half of the season? I wonder if he still thinks it was a good idea to have Neifi and Corey at the top of the lineup for all those games.

Another intersting tidbit: The Cubs boast a rotation (at times) of Prior, Wood, Zambrano and Maddux. But they have only 2 shutouts this year--one by Mitre and one by Rusch.

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