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Let's have a look at some Cubs relievers who have left the club in the last year or so. Remlinger is still getting shelled in Boston; The Farns dominated in Detroit and is blowing away hitters for the Braves; Alfonseca was doing well for the Fish until his elbow gave out; and Juan Cruz is in AAA after getting a severe beatdown in Oakland. Lefties were hitting .341 against him when he was sent to Sacramento. I wonder if they paid his bus fare? Anyway, the Ex-Cub that I think is having the most interesting season this year is Joe Borowski.

Borowski got absolutely hammered upon his return to the Cubs this season after injury ended his 2004 season and interrupted his spring training this March. He pitched in only 22 games in '04, getting jacked for an 8.02 ERA. His shoulder was cashed. Shut him down. He was back and ready for the spring but then went down with a broken arm. After his broken arm had mended, maybe he was rushed back too soon by the Cubs. Rehabbing in AAA Iowa, he pitched in only 7 games. He gave up 2 HR in 8 IP and struck out 4 while walking 3. He only gave up 3 hits, but this is a guy who had not pitched in the bigs since June of last year. Back in the bigs, Borowski unfortunately began '05 where he left off in '04. He pitched in 11 games for the Cubs this year and gave up 5 HRs in 11 IP. With an ERA of 6.55, the Cubs gave him his release.

Enter the D-Rays. Borowski signs with Tampa and has been lights out. He's pitched 19 2/3 giving up no HRs--and no runs. Amazing. He even gave 'Unca Lou' something to be happy about. "We gave up way too many runs in the eighth inning in the first half. Now we've got Borowski in the eighth and Baez for the ninth", Pinella said. On the Cubs dime I might add. The D-Rays were 28-61 at the break. Since then they are 24-14.

So would JoBo have turned it around in the same manner for the Cubs? Can't really say. Likely not. And he looked done here in Chicago. But aren't the experts supposed to be able to properly evaluate pitchers and their health? And if he was being paid over 2 million this year, why just let him go? Going into this year they counted on him to be an integral part of the pen and were on the hook for his salary. Why not send him down again or put him back on the shelf for a bit? The saga of Ex-Cubs continues...

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