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Quote from Cubs manager Dusty Baker, and then commentary via the excellent blog

Ahem, Albert Pujols: 25 years old. 2001 NL rookie of the year under Tony LaRussa. Would he even have been given playing time under Dusty Baker? Apparently not if a playoff appearance was a remote possibility.The Cardinal currently have 5 players 26 and under on their roster. (The Cubs have 8.)

A comment to that post explained that Bobby Cox currently has 12 rookies on his roster, and LaRussa has had the following: 83 Kittle, 86 Canseco, 87 McGwire, 88 Weiss, 01Pujols--all ROY winners under the delicate genius.

My comment? If the Cubs had Jeff Francoeur they would have sent him back down already like they did with Murton. And some people are still holding out hope for the wild card. I'm thinking a more realistic goal would be .500.

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