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What did Corey Patterson learn or adjust in AAA? Apparently not too much. Well, at least the stats since his return say that. He came back on August 9. They have gone 5-4 in the games since his return. He is basically the same player--so far. 8-33, 2 BB-7K, .242/.286/.424=710 OPS. Yawn.

So how's Woody doing in his new role? He's dominating. 7 innings, only 1 hit allowed, 12K-4BB and no earned runs allowed. I hope he likes it. I hope he closes next year. Dempster doesn't thrill me in that role. Too many walks. Put him back in the rotation and make Woody the closer.

2006 rotation: Zambrano, Prior, Maddux, Dempster and Rusch. Rusch could go to the pen and we could see Rich Hill or Angel Guzman.

The Cubs sent down Matt Murton for Hairston. I think it's stupid. Yes, Murton has done most of his damage against lefties, but so what? So then next year are they going to say he needs more seasoning? I heard a local radio host say that Murton isn't right for starting because he is not a prototypical corner outfielder--one that hits with power. That's a theory that is obsolete. It also totally subject to the players around him in the lineup.

The fact is that the Cubs need a lot more guys like Matt Murton. He hustles, he's selective at the plate and he simply rakes. Here's one vote for him to start the year in LF.

By the way, "power" is overrated. I'd rather look at OPS. Murton's is .879. Burnitz is .756. Lawton .786. He was their most productive outfielder. So by all means--send him down. So Cubs.


BigD said...

The only reason I can see for Patterson getting playing time is the hope he can get hot and increase his trade value. Right now he's worth a bag of used balls.

I like Wood to close. Dempster's contract is up and some team will overpay to bring him in to close. Wood will make around $9 mil next year, top closer money.

Will Rusch be around next year? Hendry has $$$ to spend, so how about a starter? Whether a free agent (Burnett) or a veteran as a salary dump, a 3 starter would be nice (and any bullpen help).

As far as Murton, he'll be back. I love this guy. You're right on the money about him. With Hairston back, Murton had the available options. Remember, Corey is on display.

The Zoner said...

Wood will actually be getting 12 mil. And you are right about Murton--Sept. is right around the corner. But it's the Cub mentality that frustrates me. When was the last time they developed a solid position player? I can't think of one.