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Maybe Corey should read this blog. Because he thinks he's getting results. He is--but they are not the good kind. An account of last night's action from the Chicago Tribune.

Trailing 3-1 in the eighth, Lee poked a one-out double off reliever Mike DeJean and scored on Aramis Ramirez's opposite field, RBI single. But after a single by Jeromy Burnitz and a walk to Michael Barrett loaded the bases, Neifi Perez popped to short, leaving it in the hands of Corey Patterson.

On the first pitch he saw, Patterson grounded to second, quickly ending the rally."I just pretty much grounded out," Patterson said. "You usually go back to the at-bat before, almost the same pitch, and I lined it to third base. That's just how it goes, and so be it. It's just a game, you know?"

Patterson saw only five pitches in four at-bats, going 0-for-4 and stranding six base-runners. Baker said he has not considered benching Patterson, despite a .214 average since his return from Triple-A Iowa. Patterson feels his stroke is returning."I'm still working at it every day, and I'll get results, like I did today, for me personally," Patterson said.

He doesn't get it. Apparently Baker and Clines don't get it. It's really very simple. You tell him to take until he gets a called strike. Baker has spoke about not wanting to "take away aggressiveness" and that "the first pitch is sometimes the best one", but it's obviously not working for Corey. He's not likely to get many first pitch strikes with his approach.

I bet other managers and players laugh at his at-bats. Their scouting report takes all of 4 words: "Start him with junk". They know he'll do the rest.

As for those wild card hopes? It will be miraculous if they get it. Movies will be made and books will be written. The Cubs are 60-63 and 5.5 back for the WC. 5.5 doesn't sound too bad, but there are 6 teams ahead of them. I still believe the WC winner will get to 90 wins. For the Cubs to do that they would have to go 30-9 the rest of the way.


BigD said...

There has got to be a general manager and coach out there with a big enough ego to want Patterson on their team. They would have to believe that they are the ones that can turn him around (and maybe they could) into a productive player.

Is there anyone out there...anyone at all?

The Zoner said...

The ol' "change of scenery" trade is usually overrated. But I have to think it would help clear his head. If anyone ever needed a fresh start it's Corey. I don't mean to pick on him, but between his failure to adapt and the coaches failure to instill discipline, it's just maddening.

But maybe during the offseason he will be dealt. Here's hoping the deal includes an arm for our "bullpen".

I mentioned the Reds' Adam Dunn before. I would certainly pursue that if I was the Cub. I would gladly deal Rich Hill and Patterson for Dunn. Then, left to right you could have Murton, Pie and Dunn. All 3 are 25 and under.