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OLN? That's the Outdoor Life Network. You may know them from such programming as the Tour de Lance and their recent acquisition of the not-outdoors NHL. And now they're talkin' baseball. This via

While most industry observers were looking at post-Thanksgiving football as the next strike and/or acquisition for OLN in its bid to become a major competitor to ESPN, MediaWeek reports the Comcast-owned cable net is going after baseball. More specifically, MLB's Sunday-Wednesday package, currently airing on ESPN (whose rights expire at the end of the current season). ESPN is currently paying $141.5 million in rights fees for that package. In the mix is MLB's desire to launch the Baseball Channel, which Comcast can surely add to sweeten its offer (as it did in the NHL hockey deal). ESPN says it plans to renew its baseball deal for Sun-Wed, keeping it along with its Tues-Thurs package (which expires at the end of 2006 season).

So not only will you get "All-Star BBQ Showdown", "Outdoor Investigations" (CSI for outdoors tragedies) and the NHL, you might be getting your MLB there too. "Coming up after the game, stay tuned for "Spirit of the Wild". Join the Ted Nugent family campfire for lotsa fun, right after Jeromy Burnitz strikes out to end the game." (That's the Nuge in the photo above)

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