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Wow. Corey Patterson being sent to the minors is big news here in Chicago. In my eyes, it's also a clear sign of some turbulence between Jim Hendry and Dusty Baker.

Other posts and comments here have touched on Baker's ineptitude in forming a lineup. Now Hendry has alleviated that to a degree by taking away some of his choices. Perhaps Hendry is miffed that Baker continually ran out Patterson and Perez--the worst possible candidates on the roster--to leadoff. Hendry acquired Hairston for a few reasons: versatility, speed and his ability to get on-base. I'm guessing he's not pleased about how Dusty has used him. It's hard not to think he's not pleased with many of Dusty's choices and methods, considering the Cubs are 24th in MLB in runs scored.

I'm not sure Dusty wants to be here anymore. I'm not sure Hendry wants him to be here. Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but it seems like that's where it's headed.


BigD said...

We may have seen the last of Corey in Chicago. If he continues to struggle at the AAA level, there will be no reason to bring him back. Murton may stick with the Cubs, but I think Greenberg will be here only until Pie gets healthy. Pie in center and Murton in right may be the future of the Cubs. A legitimate #1 hitter in Pie and a pure hitter in Murton. Then again, Baker doesn't play the kids, so will they just ride the bench?

The Zoner said...

Or will Baker still be here? Hopefully Corey will go down and rip it up, become a stellar prospect again and increase his trade value.