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Wow! Just got an e-mail from the excellent Draft Sharks with a list of Super Bowl Predictions from around the country. Some of them are shocking. Throw yours in if you have one.

Pete Prisco, CBS Sportsline: Pittsburgh vs. Carolina
Dave Richard, CBS Sportsline: Cincinnati vs. Dallas
William Foote, Indianapolis vs. Seattle
Ty Gaston, Denver vs. Arizona
Adam Schein, Cincinnati vs. Carolina
Peter King, Sports Illustrated: Indianapolis vs. Dallas
Dr. Z, Sports Illustrated: Miami vs. Carolina
John Clayton, ESPN: Indianapolis vs. Seattle
Trey Wingo, ESPN: Miami vs. Carolina
Michael Irvin, ESPN: Denver vs. Dallas
Ron Jaworski, ESPN: Indianapolis vs. Seattle
Chris Mortensen, ESPN: Cincinnati vs. Dallas
Len Pasquarelli, ESPN: Indianapolis vs. Seattle
Michael Smith, ESPN: Indianapolis vs. Carolina
Merrill Hoge, ESPN: Cincinnati vs. Dallas
Tom Jackson, ESPN: Indianapolis vs. Carolina
Mark Schlereth, ESPN: New England vs. Carolina
Sean Salisbury, ESPN: Indianapolis vs. Carolina
Mike Golic, ESPN: Indianapolis vs. Carolina
ESPN SportsNation Poll: Indianapolis vs. Carolina
Doug Kretz, Scouts Inc: Denver vs. Seattle
Jake Jarmelli, American Sports Analysts: Kansas City vs. Dallas
Mike Beas, Herald Bulletin: Indianapolis vs. New York Giants
Micah Joel, Mad Sanity: Cincinnati vs. Arizona
Adam Stone, Denver vs. Carolina
Greg Melikov, Indianapolis vs. Dallas
Chris Schultz, TSN Canada: Indianapolis vs. Seattle
Ron Borges, Cincinnati vs. Carolina
Jason Whitlock, ESPN Page 2: Baltimore vs. Washington
Gary Myers, Daily News: New England vs. Dallas
Hub Arkush, Pro Football Weekly: San Diego vs. Carolina
Dan Arkush, Pro Football Weekly: Indianapolis vs. Seattle
John Miller, Kansas City vs. Atlanta
Lenny Pappano, San Diego vs. Carolina

As for me? Seattle vs. Indianapolis. I think that right now on paper it makes the most sense.

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Tom said...

Jason Whitlock's pick is the most curious. And he went to Ball State! Not the brightest bulb in the box but then again, neither am I.
Interesting how few think the Steelers will return to The Game.
Yours is as sound as anyone's. Can the Colts shake off their putrid performances in the AFC Championship games? I hope so.

The Drean match-up would be Colts-Giants as one writer selected.

The Zoner said...

bite your tongue--the dram matchup would be the Bearsssss against any team with the courage to try and play them, my friend.

BigD said...

I've got Cowboys v Colts, which by the way, is not my deam matchup. Bearzzzzz beating the snot out of anyone will work for me.

The Zoner said...

Checking the board on the spelling of dream:

Tom: Drean

Zoner: Dram

Big D: Deam