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In Walt We Trust sums up the NL's chances in the World Series as such:

“I have no doubt that whoever represents the National League in the Fall Classic will be taken out quicker than a bowlegged asthmatic kid in a grade school dodgeball match.”

What about the Mets? Only Minnesota, Oakland and San Diego have allowed less runs. Only the White Sox, Yanks, Indians and Phils have scored more. They have a run differential of +134, topped only by the Tigers and Yanks. Their starters don’t look that great, but they can thump, their defense is incredible and their bullpen is awesome. And don’t forget the El Duque factor.

The AL is the dominant league. But I give the Mets a chance, assuming Pedro is healthy.

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1 comment:

Chris said...

If they can fire on all cylinders, they're clearly the favorite. To me, though, that rotation looks like one big question mark. I can't help but think of the '04 and '05 Cardinals who beat up on a weak field during the season and looked to have an offense that could make up for the mistakes of a less than stellar rotation in the playoffs.

AL teams have their flaws as well, but I wouldn't put any money on a team like the Mets whose success may be tied to such a weak NL field this year.