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Stop me if you've read something like this before.

"I threw the ball good enough and did exactly what I wanted to do," Prior said. "He (Orlando Hudson on his grand slam) popped it up and, unfortunately, the wind was blowing out. In 15 other National League ballparks, it doesn't go out. I want to give us a chance to win ballgames. Unfortunately, I didn't pitch well."

This is something that Dusty Baker would say. That "Well, they got lucky and we didn't" garbage. Just curious, with the score 15-4, why didn't the Cubs hit more "pop-ups"? Prior did not throw the ball good enough. He did not do exactly what he wanted to do. He can't even make sense in one paragraph, contradicting himself at the end.

Just own it. Talk about next year. Don't give excuses. And hate to harp on it, but this is one of those things where a different manager would make a difference. Baker has set the stage for this type of thinking. There are numerous examples of how he tries to explain away things or how they "must have a lot of breaks coming our way". It's obviously seeped its way into the players.

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