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I've slowly been ingesting my Sports Illustrated Fantasy Football issue. I'm seeking advice. I'm also giving it so if you have any questions post a comment.

I play in a keeper league. I can keep 4 players, although I don't have to. I am definitely keeping Randy Moss, Cadillac Williams and Clinton Portis. I am contemplating the benefits of keeping Reggie Wayne vs. Antonio Gates. We do not have to play a TE, so that plays into it.

Gates has a rookie QB in Phil Rivers. That makes me nervous. But maybe Gates is the guy that just falls out of bed and gets 10 TDs and 1000 yds.

In Indy, I think Manning is going to go off again with the loss of E. James. Whatever Joseph Addai turns out to be, it doesn't look like goal-line stud will among the descriptions.

From draft profiles: "Despite measured size, Addai looks like a third-down back on film and plays smaller than his size. While he can keep feet against hits, he lacks the power and strength to break tackles. An upright runner that takes a lot of hits because of it, and struggles to run with power on inside rushes. Not a shake-and-bake runner that can make tacklers miss. Despite being a good athlete, he lacks the explosive burst and top-end speed you expect from a guy who runs a 4.4 in the 40. "

Which brings me back to Wayne. I'm thinking his yards and TDs will go up to somewhere around his 2004 totals. Which is why I'm leaning toward keeping him.

Chime in on this as well as any other FF stuff.

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