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Killer move by the Yanks to get Abreu and Lidle. Lidle may be a league-average pitcher (or slightly above), but he's healthy and gives you innings. The Yankees need that right now.

Abreu is an on-base machine that can run and hit. Some bemoaned his lack of power since his HR Derby win, but anyone who has pop and a .427 OBP is worth having. Maybe not at the salary he makes, but since when do the Yanks care about that?

What did the Phils get? Mostly out of Abreu's big contract. They also got CJ Henry, a speedy SS in A-ball and 3 other prospects. A Citizen's Blog agrees with my assessment that it was mostly about getting out from Abreu's deal. He has a good summary and analysis of the deal there.

So does this put the Yanks as the team to beat in the East? Consider what their lineup could look like in the near future:
  1. CF Damon
  2. SS Jeter
  3. 1B Giambi
  4. 3B A Rod
  5. DH Sheffield
  6. RF Abreu
  7. LF Matsui
  8. C Posada
  9. 2B Cairo

That's insane. Now who wants to bet they go out and get another pitcher today?

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Bob said...

I'm just glad the Cardinals didn't take Abreu. That's a lot of money for a guy who seemingly has lost the 25-30 home run stroke. Yes the rest of his offense is good, but he is average at best defensively.

Second entry in "Reflections" at my blog.