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It was revealed the Sox are among 4 teams that are said to be the finalists for the Alfonso Soriano Trade Bonanza.

I think Sox GM Ken Williams might have showed his downcard a bit when he said, "It doesn't surprise me. I knew it would come out. Whoever gets him, it will be a high price to pay."

And my take on that is he simply wants to drive up the price. I don't think Williams would use major resources--be they prospects, cash, major leaguers--without getting quality pitching in return.

Soriano is an exciting player. He hits long homers and steals plenty of bases. He's a lock for the 30-30 club this season and maybe even 40-40. But he is a free agent likely to command at least 10 if not 12 or more million per season. He would also instantly make the Sox sacrifice plenty of solid defense to get his bat in the lineup. Anderson would go to the bench. He's been absolutely awesome in CF and he has been hitting well of late. But then you get Soriano in Left and Pods has to go to CF. I don't like Pods in CF simply because I believe it increases his chance for injury and he just isn't as good as Anderson.

I think the comment Williams made was a little too thinly veiled. The writer of the column seems to think so too. If there is a National Willaims should be asking about, maybe it's Tony Armas Jr. Like Soriano he is a free agent after the season. He probably wouldn't cost too much and when healthy he is a solid starter or you could use him out of the pen.

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