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According to the poll on the website, 86% of the respondents would not sue a family member. Do not count Carriel Louah as one of them. She is suing her mother. Read on, from

MADISON, Wis. -- An Illinois woman is suing her Wisconsin parents for maintaining an icy driveway that she blamed for a fall that broke her ankle two winters ago.

This week, a federal judge refused to toss out the lawsuit, setting up a trial for November.

Carriel Louah, 25, visited Darlington, Wis., to surprise her mother on her birthday in January 2005. But the next morning, she was injured when she slipped and fell on her parents' driveway. She filed suit against her parents earlier this year.

The daughter said that a letter from her mom apologizing months after the fall proves that her parents knew they had a defective gutter for years and did nothing about it.

She's seeking more than $75,000 in damages for medical bills and lost wages.
Her parents said that she can't prove the driveway was icy at the time or that their drainage system was faulty.

U.S. District Judge John Shabaz said that a jury should decide the matter.


Tim Ellsworth said...

I saw this earlier today as well. What a lowlife to sue your own parents. They ought to countersue to recover the money it took to raise her.

none said...

i know carrie... she would sue her mom she is that kind of pot headed kid that would do anything for money... maybe there in it for the insurance money...