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Over at The Cub Reporter, a post was closed with the following: "Enjoy the day off and watch a bunch of guys screw up their swings tonight." That was yesterday about the Home Run Derby.

I posed the question there and also here: Can anyone name for me a single player who has screwed up their swing by participating in this event? I'd love to hear it because I think it's baseball's newest myth.


Dan said...

Bobby Abreu and Garret Anderson. And those are just two of the past winners. I haven't seen a full list of contestantsa who have not won so I couldn't say which of the losers have stopped hitting home runs, but since their respective HR derby crowns, Abreu and Anderson have seen a complete drop off in power. Oh and Sammy Sosa, but he doesn't count because his drop off is due to other "things" (allegedly hehe).

The Zoner said...

I have to disagree. I also don't equate "screwing up your swing" with only a dropoff in power. And Anderson might also be one of those "other thing" guys.

As for Abreu, he's probably the best argument for your case. But he has never hit more than 31 in any season and had 24 last year. He only has 8 so far this year. He was never a big HR to begin with.

I wish we could ask him what he thinks.

Tom Marker said...

Even if it does mess with your mechanics, you should get in the cage the next day with a coach and get the old swing back, according to Mike Piazza.

The Zoner said...

Mike Piazza is on the Padres. I still think that's weird.

Thanks Tommy.

Schmidty said...

Agreed Zoner...not like these guys don't "home run derby" every day during batting practice. Hell, the pitchers even do it and put money on it when they take BP before the gates open. It's not like their swing is THAT much different for a home run contest. If they were out playing 16" softball on their days off, then I might be wary of it. :)