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Stuff to chew on...

Great article here about pitchers trying to return from torn labrums. Makes Tommy John surgery seem like getting a sliver removed.

I couldn't help but laugh as Mark Prior got shelled for 6 runs in the 1st inning. It seemed to me that he threw nothing but not very fast-fastballs. To his credit Prior talked about how bad he stunk.

Dusty remains delusional: "This is the hitters' time of the year right now," Baker said. "It's hot. The wind is blowing out. The ball is flying out of here. Every ball up in the air on us was a home run. I'm sure he'll be better next time."

He also added: "You're always looking for miracles. But you're being a realist at the same time. This is a tough challenge for him the first time out."

1st time out? What were all those minor league outings then? I'm so sick of guys coming off injury and rehabbing in the minors and still not being ready to go when they return to the big club. If he dominated yesterday would it then be luck? Such garbage.

As for the Bulls and their 2 1st round picks, I don't want to hear anymore about anyone that is 6'7" or shorter. We have enough guards and small forwards. Draft big or trade the picks. Or if you do pick a 3 or a guard, it better be because you have a package with Ben Gordon ready to go for a proven 4 or 5.

People talk about Thomas and Aldridge as if they are not sure things. Of course they aren't. You think Morrison is? Who is? Not one player in this draft is a sure thing. Thomas and Aldridge are the best available players for the Bulls and their needs. Period.


PV said...

I did laugh out loud when, upon turning the Cub game on in the car yesterday, the first thing I heard was Pat Hughes saying, "...the nightmare continues..." and Santo groaning. Then he named the players who had already homered and the 6-0 scored. And I laughed again. Give the Cubs this much--they know how to do bad, they really commit and go all the way with it. Hell, it's almost as fun and interesting as when they win.

I disagree on the Bulls picks--I would love to see Brandon Roy, who might be the surest thing in the draft. A big guard who can defend at that position is also a need. I would take Roy over Thomas, who strikes me as more athlete than player, a kind of Tyson Chandler Jr. I do like Aldridge, but I expect he'll be taken first; would be a tough call for me between Roy and Aldridge

The Zoner said...

I think Toronto will take Morrison. The Bulls would then get Aldridge. He's hardly a Tyson Jr. He's bigger and he has real soft hands. He does it all.

Tyrus Thomas is scary. He's Antonio McDyess with a killer's mentality.

Brandon Roy? So then we'll have 9 guards. Hooray. Take a shot at the big men. No bigs, no playoff series wins.

The Zoner said...

I forgot to mention--

Why not take a chance on one of the bigs and then get your rough and tumble 2 guard at 16? has the Bulls doing exactly that:
Thomas at 2 and Ronnie Brewer at 16. I dig it.

PV said...

You say they have a lot of guards, but really they have a lot of LITTLE guards, and no true 2-guard from a size and defense perspective, and I see that as a true need.

It's easy to say draft big, but Thomas just seems like a "tools goof" to me for some reason. Keep seeing Stromile Swift.

At least Aldridge has some offensive polish. I think he would be a good choice--like I said, him or Roy. Aldridge and Brewer would be awesome, sure. Or a Rodney Carey, whose just a freak (!)

Top choice from a pure fun standpoint would be Morrison, I love to watch him play--on offense. I shutter thinking of him trying to move his feet on D at the next level.

The Zoner said...

A tools goof? Did you watch the same LSU I did? He is a killer. And at the very least he will rebound, defend and block shots--things Chandler doesn't always do.

Tim Ellsworth said...

Don't get too stressed out over Prior's lousy performance, Zoner. He'll be back on the DL in a couple of weeks and you won't have to worry about him anymore for the season.