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The Cubs have won their last 2 series, even after losing to the Cards yesterday.

But on the South side, things have been rocky. After sweeping Oakland they have lost 3 series in a row. They are still playing over .600 ball, so maybe it's the evening out process.

Who would have thought that the April sweep of the Tigers would be so huge? Or that this series would even be important?

It would not be the end of the world nor the end of the Sox' season should the Tigers come in take the series. But this team needs a boost after winning only 3 of their last 10 games.

The Sox are only 2.5 back, but the Tigers are 20-7 on the road this year. After winning streaks of 7 and 8 games, the Motor City Kitties have dumped 6 of their last 8, losing series to the BoSox and the Yanks. Some have stated they haven't really played anyone yet before these 2 series. I point to that road record. This club is legit.

And the Sox know it. They also know that their schedule through June is filled with tough teams and road games. After the Tigers:
  • Cleveland
  • @ Texas
  • @ Cincy
  • St. Louis
  • Houston
  • @ Pittsburgh
  • @ Cubs

The Tigers have it easier this month. So no sirens sounding, but you want this series for momentum and so you don't end up 8 out at the break.

In the meantime, Kenny Williams is probably looking for 1 if not 2 relievers and a CF. Machowiak is not a CF. Ozzie has said he is reluctant to move Podsednik to CF because he has been in left since he got here. If he means that it is to prevent injury I am all for it. But if they drop Anderson to the minors they need someone else out there that can go get it.

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