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Things are getting fired up here in Chicago. Dave Duncan was on local sports radio calling Ozzie Guillen a liar. At the heart of the matter is the beaning of Chris Duncan, Cardinal player and son of Dave. The quote that stirred Dad Duncan up was this:

"I didn't even know that kid was Duncan's kid until after we did it. I swear to God," Guillen said. "I've seen this kid growing up. After we hit him, all my kids said you know that's Dave Duncan's kid. I said, 'Ooohh.' Then I called Duncan and I apologized."

Dave Duncan says he received no such phone call. He also stated--if I heard correctly--that the quote signifies that Guillen ordered the beaning.

This comes after Guillen was quoted the other day ripping a local sports columnist.

"He's not going to run me out of town," Guillen said. "He can kiss my ass. He'll lose his job before I lose mine. I guarantee that . . ."

"I'll leave this [bleeping] town when I want to leave this town, maybe next week. Maybe 20 [bleeping] years, but I'm going to be here a little while."

"Now he wants to get Dusty out of there and put in some [bleeping] guy from the radio booth (actually television analyst and former manager Bob Brenly)."

Guillen went on to call Mariotti a derogatory name for a homosexual and "a stupid idiot."

If the Sox were say, 33-40, I wonder if there would not be more clamor to silence, punish or dismiss Guillen from his duties. But he is simply "Ozzie". And he is winning. To whit, 70% of respondents in a Chicago poll voted that Ozzie should not be punished because "It's just Ozzie being Ozzie. He meant no ill will towards homosexuals."

Guillen also has some issues with Phil Garner.

The Garner-Guillen exchange came after published remarks attributed to Guillen claiming Garner treated him "like some crazy Venezuelan" and refused to shake his hand during last year's World Series.

Although not saying he was misquoted, Guillen said Wednesday that he was joking about the "crazy Venezuelan" remark, although Garner apparently didn't think it was funny.

"I take exception to be put into that category," Garner told the Houston Chronicle Wednesday, after he had talked with Guillen. "That's why I called him. It sounds to me like he has some issues. Maybe he can get some help about that."

I remember when Ditka was winning. His mouth wasn't a problem then. But when expectations were not met, people quickly grew tired of his mouth and antics. Guillen seems to be going the same route. Here's hoping he gets more than one championship. The Bears should have but didn't.


PB said...

I think it's great that Ozzie is creating all of this controversy. Maybe the distractions will help lead to the demise of the Sox, and the TIGERS will be world champs mang! Restore the roar! Motor City Kitties!

The Zoner said...

And maybe the Lions will win the NFC!

Chris said...

Great info, Zoner. Anytime I need any news out of Chicago, you're my guy.

I don't really care for Ozzie personally, but I love that he's outspoken and isn't afraid to ruffle a few feathers. The whole Mariotti thing has given me a good laugh. As far as Tony and Duncan go, I always enjoy when someone gets those two fired up enough to actually show some emotion. They think their own poop don't stink and they like to let everyone know about it, so I'm glad Ozzie isn't afraid to fire back. Let's just hope he doesn't pull a McClendon during batting practice before the game tonight.

The Zoner said...

Thanks Chris. Good to see you are posting regularly again.

You better trust in Walt the way things are going over there--he needs to bring in some reinforcements.

Of course getting Pujols back and calling up Reyes is a good start...