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He must be pleased because he does not think the Cubs have underachieved this year.

From Chicago Sports:

While the Cubs have been on the ropes since Derrek Lee's wrist injury April 19, Baker refuses to concede they are down for the count.

Asked if the team meeting suggested he was dissatisfied with the team's effort, he answered: "No, no, no."

While Baker said he believed the team was "outmanned" in the three-game series against Detroit, he doesn't believe "underachieve" is a word that describes the Cubs' performance this season.

"I haven't said 'underachieved,'" Baker said. "We haven't performed as well as I think some of them can, over a long period of time ... but I can't say we've underachieved. Sometimes we've lost and other times we got beat."

Baker is becoming quite the wordsmith. But it's all too apparent that he won't admit that the Cubs have underachieved because he would be throwing himself under the bus.

I've no idea why he would want to stay here, but it sure seems like he wants to. Since May 1, the Cubs are 13-32. If that isn't underachieving, I don't know what is.

Kerry Wood is pitching in a simulated game today. He's definitely a first-ballot Simulated Hall of Famer.

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