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You may have seen his wonderful recreation of Game 6 of the 1986 Series right here on the Zoner.

Now meet the man who spent way too many hours trying to get Bill Buckner to flub an easy grounder.

Hat tip to Tim Ellsworth for the link.

And for what it's worth, I doubt many Chicagoans care about that game. There was a time here when he was the best thing the Cubs had. He had a cool stance and a sweet stroke and hit over .300 3 times for the Cubbies. One of my favorites growing up.


PV said...

Yes, Buckner had a fine career, 2700+ hits, and when I was a Chicago kid swinging a wiffle ball bat he was always the guy I imitated (even though I was a righty).

And if I didn't say it the first time you posted the RBI video, and I meant to, that might be the greatest thing ever. I watched it all, entranced. RBI is my favorite game ever. I still remember all the players, and seeing this was just the best kind of nostalgia.

The Zoner said...

Agreed. And although some of the Zoner readers are not familiar with "Par King", nothing was quite as fun as playing RBI with Dick Green and Gene Tenace, then moving on to a game of "EARTHSHAKER!!!!".

Great nostalgia indeed.

But I mostly remember you imitating Steve Yeager. No, I have nothing.

PV said...

Speaking of Par King, and this might not mean anything to anybody else who reads this--but it's been torn down. It's true.

A moment of silence.