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So I was on vacation. I saw some of the games while in Florida. How bad is it for the Cubs? When they signed Tony Womack I thought that it might be a good move. Yes, that's how bad. has a list of the odd and unusual ways the Cubs have sunk this season.

• Pop fly bouncing off Ramirez's head, leading to the winning run by Atlanta in 11th inning.
• Cubs going 80 consecutive innings without scoring more than one run, third longest in team history behind the 1963 Cubs (90 innings) and 1961 Cubs (86).
• Jacque Jones losing a ball in the sun to spoil Carlos Zambrano's no-hitter with two outs in the seventh inning.
• Barrett jawing with Padres outfielder Dave Roberts after Roberts had stolen third base with two outs.• Rookies Rich Hill, Angel Guzman and Jae Kuk Ryu joining rookie Sean Marshall in the rotation. Hill, Guzman and Ryu getting knocked around and demoted to Triple-A Iowa.
• Ronny Cedeno throwing a live ball into the dugout after he thought he'd called a timeout.
• Barrett punching Pierzynski in the face after a bang-bang collision, leading to a 10-game suspension that's under appeal.
• Neifi Perez allowing two runs to score on a sacrifice fly to right when he drops the relay throw and makes a wild throw home.
• Perez bunting back to the pitcher for the final out with two men on in a loss to Washington.
• Ryan Dempster entering May with 26 consecutive saves dating back to Aug. 2, 2005, only to blow three games, including two against Florida and Atlanta in a three-game stretch.
• Cubs falling to last place in National League rankings in batting average, runs, home runs, earned-run average, fewest walks taken, most walks allowed and other categories too numerous to mention.
• Mild-mannered Greg Maddux attacking a water cooler with a bat, going 0-4 in May after winning NL pitcher of the month award in April.
• Mark Prior getting food poisoning ... or the flu ... or something.
• An eight-game losing streak and a six-game losing streak.
• Jones getting doubled off second base from left field three times in 15 days: May 1 against Pittsburgh at Wrigley; May 3 at Arizona; and May 16 against Washington at Wrigley.
• Former Cubs prospect Ricky Nolasco hitting his first career home run off Marshall, and beating the Cubs for the second time.
• Cubs castoff Mike Remlinger, who injured a pinky finger during a recliner accident in '05, pumping his left fist and shouting madly after recording the final out of Braves' comeback win.
• Youth Movement Inc., the Florida Marlins, entering a series with a seven-game losing streak, sweeping and winning the season series 4-2.
• Manager Dusty Baker denying San Francisco Chronicle article claiming he was "mildly annoyed" by not being offered a contract extension yet.
• Cubs becoming only the third team in 33 years to score as few as 12 runs in a 10-game stretch, joining the Montreal Expos, who did it twice in 2004. Overall streak was 13 runs in 11 games.
• Unknown bleacher fan nearly hitting Jones with a baseball on May 16 at Wrigley, only to get off with a slap on the wrist.
• Ramirez homering off San Diego's Jack Peavy to end a 28-inning scoreless drought, longest by the Cubs since a 36-inning drought in '92.
• Ryan Theriot, Todd Walker, Neifi Perez, Jerry Hairston, Tony Womack and Freddie Bynum all playing second for at least one inning, as the Cubs cornered the market on second basemen in May.


Mike O'Donnell said...

Thanks for the good news. Glad your back blogging.
Or something.

Tom Marker said...

Nice concise compilation of this year's version of "The Curse." Now, how do we wipe that smirk off Tim Ellsworth's face?

The Zoner said...

That's coming Tom. I have some thoughts on the Cardinals that I will post later. The basic premise being that I see enough holes there that postseason play will be short for them.