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The coaching carousel. It usually works like this: you fire a fiery manager you hire a mellow one. You fire a mellow one you find yourself a fiery one. At least in Chicago it seems to work this way. Zim to Essian to Lefebvre to Trebelhorn to Baylor (who actually turned out to be not very fiery) to Dusty. Torborg to Lemont to Bevington to Manuel to Guillen over on the south side.

So next up should be a fiery, disciplinarian sort. Is it Bob Brenly? Lou Pinella? Joe Girardi? Jim Riggleman Redux? Where's my guy Davey Johnson these days? Former McPhail manager Tom Kelly? Former Cub Lloyd McClendon?

Have at it. Who will be next? I have to know!

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Tim Ellsworth said...

Gosh, Lloyd McClendon? What a pathetic manager he was with the Pirates. Why would the Cubbies ever be interested in him?

The Zoner said...

Well, because it's the Cubs. But I was just spitballin'. It was kind of a joke. Maybe we can get LaRussa! Or not.

100 losses said...

we missed out on leyland

heard they were considering
or dustin baker

dustin might turn the job down to crap in his pants all day

The Zoner said...

Can't go wrong with Da Coach, my friend.