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The post you knew was coming sooner rather than later.

Yes, it's time to let Dusty Baker loose and eat the rest of his 2006 contract.

Only the Royals have scored fewer runs in MLB. Sure Derrek Lee is out. But what adjustments has Baker made? The Cubs still remain undisciplined at the plate and on the bases. Who is to blame for that? They refuse to draw walks and run the bases as if they've been drugged. There's no way they should have so many players getting picked off and doubled off. It's ridiculous.

The Cubs have now been shutout in 4 of their last 6 games. They have scored 2 runs in their last 6 games. The game before that they got shelled by Milwaukee 16-2.

There are rumors surfacing that the Cubs are interested in Kevin Millar or Jeff Conine. Puh-leeze.

Bring down Brenly. Call Unca Lou. Baker has proven to be a terrible manager. Buh-bye.


PV said...

Sadly, reports continue to insist the Dusty will get offered an extension sooner or later, but I hold out hope that it's not true. It's the same old bad baseball we've seen from Dusty's club the last couple years.

Injury excuses are just that. Hendry deserves come criticism for the roster--I mean, the fact that the Angel Pagan injury has left them so short of right-handers off the bench shows poor planning. It's not news that Jones can't hit lefties, for example, so were they relying so much on Pagan? Who didn't have a job until spring training?

It's one thing if they're getting out-talented every night, but a lot of nights they beat themselves with poor play and one of the worst walk differentials in MLB. It's just bad baseball, and if a manager isn't accountable for that, for what is he accountable?

Honestly, I can barely even watch recently, I just end up flipping away in disgust. It's the same bad movie over and over and over and over again...

The Zoner said...

Exactly. Baker keeps spewing that his teams aren't bad fundamentally but um, he's not in SF anymore and his Cubs teams have been brutal fundamentally. Not to mention his shoddy managing.

I felt like puking the other night when he had Hairston bunting with 2 strikes. I just can't believe some of the moves and calls he makes.

I have no idea why Hendry would want to keep him.

Big D said...

Here's my take. Hendry is not stupid. Under Hendry, the Cub's have been able to quickly sign the players they had and wanted to keep to long term deals. Lee, Wood, Barrett, etc. Whether the decision was right or wrong, if they wanted them, they locked them up. Baker is still hanging out there. If this team starts winning, Baker could be signed. But if they continue to lose (as I think they will), Hendry will make the change. What's the rule of thumb, GM's are allowed 2 managers before they lose their jobs? Hendry needs to make the move. Things need to be shaken up. One month into the season and all hope is lost.

The Zoner said...

"One month into the season and all hope is lost."

And that's the real bummer of it isn't it? It's not like we are having a bad stretch--it's a bad team with its best player on the DL. A bad team that is repeating the same garbage from the last 2 years.

John H said...

In his last two outings Baker let a sure Hall of Famer get shellacked while no one was even warming up in the bullpen. Last week you could tell Maddux was furious and even Todd Walker kept looking over as in disbelief that Dusty would let Maddux just get clobbered with NOONE in the bullpen! That can't sit well with Cubs Brass.

100 losses said...

Look --

This is a team that quit on dusty.

Everyone knows it but Dusty.

I am predicting he gets a pass becuase of DLEE'S injury.

So we are looking at 100 losses and then we can kiss the toothpick and wristbands good bye forever.

Unfortunately this will really set the franchise back. The young players have been stunted. Pitchers arms are destroyed. Confidence of players of players destroyed.

I think that the whole dusty created and rift between the playters and the managers will be forever monumental!

In short -- we are looking at a long long road back - one the cubs have NEVER found!

Uncomfortably Numb said...

Has anyone noticed that even Phillies skipper Charlie Manuel--so dumb that failed to understand the double switch after a YEAR in the NL--figured out that sometimes players need a kick in the groin to get them going? Like you, I am tired of Dusty's act.

Bring back the 70's, when we had no talent but at least the guys tried. It was less painful to watch!

The Zoner said...

Amen! Let's start with Jerry Morales and Larry Biitner!