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Mike O' Donnell writes in to ask:

Zoner-Help. I am drowning in a lack of information and the Reds' surge isn't helping matters here in Ohio. Is there any wind of hope from Chi-town that the Cubs can turn anything around, and/or at least get rid of Baker?

Well to start I have called the local authorities in Cincy and they are on their way to Lack of Information to rescue you. I digress, but would you rather be stuck in a glass case of emotion or a lack of information? Discuss.

On to your Cubs question Mike, the pieces are in pieces. The Cubs are devastated by injuries and their absolutely horrid fundamentals have haunted them repeatedly throughout this season.

Those being:
  • Baserunning. Too many instances of being doubled off, picked off or just bad baserunning.
  • Defensive Decisions. Juan Pierre throwing home trying to get speedy Dave Roberts. Cameron takes second base. Scores on the next play. That kind of stuff is commomplace.
  • Plate Discipline. The Cubs are last in the league in walks. Last in OBP. Last in AVG. And last in SLG. The Cubs show no aptitude for selecting pitches. They don't see enough of them and they swing at too many bad ones. The Reds are 13th in AVG, but 1st in walks and OBP. They lead the league in runs scored.

Dusty shows no signs of correcting any of these areas. He's made it clear many times that being aggressive at the plate is a good thing. Not when teams know you swing early and often. While Baker certainly can't be blamed for the poor performances of many players or the many injuries that have befallen the Cubs, fundamentals and approach, attitude and desire are without a doubt areas that he has control of, and he has failed there.

Some people are pointing to Thursday's return of Wood and the alleged upcoming activations of Prior and Wade Miller from the DL as hope for turning around the Cubs season. If pitching were the main problem I might share in that hope. But a team that is last in runs and brutal fundamentally brings me no hope for the future regardless of who is on the bump.

Hope that helps Mike. Keep us filled in on your rescue. And at least we have Maddux. He stole second base the other day and that was pretty cool.

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PB said...

Who cares about da Cubs mang! Motor City Kittys are only 1/2 game back da Sox mang! Leyland for M.O.Y.! In Dusty we trusty yo! Alan Trammel is available if they can Baker.