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Before I get started, +20 indie cred points to me for working in a 'Pavement' reference in a post title. OK.

This is really simple. Glendon Rusch is really bad. Overused is the phrase "He's throwing batting practice out there" but it certainly applies to Rusch. He has given up 11 HRs in 22.1 IP. He has given up a combined 35 hits and BBs. He has to go to the pen.

"It's frustrating," Rusch said. "It's just a rough stretch. I'm not getting anything going and I'm leaving pitches up and they're getting hit out of the ballpark. I haven't left too many [pitches] up where I got a popup or a ground ball or an out." That's because this is the bigs and most batters will crush that weak stuff left up in the zone.

The Cubs were reluctant to trade Rich Hill in any deal over the winter. Hill dominated in AA & AAA last season before getting hit around at the major league level. This year he is off to an amazing start-- 1.44 ERA, 33 Ks-7 BBs and has allowed only 13 hits in 25 IP. I'd guess his confidence has never been higher. He's 26 years old. It's time to give him another call.

Rusch can go to the already overworked pen and maybe figure out his deal in garbage time. Hill moves into the rotation. He simply cannot be worse than Rusch and more than likely will be a nice upgrade. I care not that the Cubs would then have 3 rookies in their rotation. When they are better than any alternatives than it's fine by me.

So let's see Rich Hill. Either David Aardsma or Will Ohman, both terrible this year, can go down to AAA.


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